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Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light was a short-lived comic seres published by Star Comics, an imprint of Marvel. The comic lasted only six issues, and was cancelled halfway through a four-part storyline. The first issue was an adaptation of the first episode, "The Age of Magic Begins", but subsequent issues took the storyline in a different direction. There were a few differences in details – whereas in the cartoon, the staff-bearing knights had only one use of their staffs before needing a recharge, in the comic, they could use their staffs as often as they liked. In one issue, Witterquick and Cindarr crossed their staffs to combine their powers, the combination of light speed and destruction creating an earthquake. Another difference concerned the animal totems - the characters worried that they might lose control of their animal forms while in them.


Issue No. Cover Title Summary Published
Visionaries 1 Cover
The End...
The technologically advanced world of Prysmos is suddenly thrown into a dark age. The wizard Merklynn offers magical powers to those who can penetrate Iron Mountain. Fourteen knights complete the quest and are rewarded with animal totems and power staffs.
November 1987
Visionaries 2 Cover
The Balance of Power
The Visionaries begin fighting each other with their new powers before dividing into two factions. As the Darkling Lords search for a secret weapon, Reekon and Mortdred discover they can magically power vehicles. On his own initiative, Mortdred attacks the Spectral Knights in the Sky Claw, which ends in disaster.
January 1988
Visionaries 3 Cover
The Star Stone
The Spectral Knights learn of a long-buried doomsday weapon that will reverse the scientific principles of the planet. Realising this could return Prysmos to the Age of Science, both sides vie for control of it, with the resulting battle burying the weapon forever.
March 1988
Visionaries 4 Cover
Dream Maker
The dreams of Witterquick and Cindarr are filled with a vision of an imprisoned woman, Sirena, who begs for their aid. They both quest to rescue her, fighting each other, finding the key and defeating the guardian. Learning that Sirena is an evil witch, the two knights unite their powers to defeat her.
May 1988
Visionaries 5 Cover
Quest of the Four Talismans
Merklynn divides the Visionaries into teams to quest for four magical talismans: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Galadria and Cryotek find the Earth talisman, but it is jealously guarded by a tribe who worship it as a god. Cravex and Reekon goad the people into attacking the Spectral Knights, making off with the talisman in the confusion. In the aftermath, Galadria uses her new powers to heal the wounds of the now-penitent tribe.
July 1988
Visionaries 6 Cover
Arzon and Feryl discover the Air talisman is possessed by the High Flyers of Avitrix, people able to fly through artificial wings. Virulina and Cindarr attack, using Virulina's new power of disease to sicken the whole tribe. Arzon's power of wisdom is able to cure the High Flyers, who drive away the Darkling Lords and give the Air Talisman to the Spectral Knights. Arzon speculates about the truth of the talismans, and the issue ends with the footnote "But that truth must remain unrevealed."
September 1988